Pretty Little Liars: Spencer Hastings Inspired Outfit

I have been requested so many times to do more Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars outfits. I always wanted to do this outfit but haven't had the time. It is finally completed and I think it turned out great. In this picture of Spencer you can only see her top and pants, so to make the outfit a bit more interesting I added a few more things that I thought would go perfectly. I also tried to make this outfit inexpensive, but that top was $49.00. If you don't want to spend that much for a top, just use any regular navy button up blouse. Try and make this outfit using things you already have in your closet. 
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Picture of the outfit on Spencer Hastings:


Pretty Little Liars: Spencer Hastings Inspired Outfit
Dorothy Perkins sleeveless blouse
$49 -

Jane Norman pleated pants
£15 -

Dorothy Perkins leather shoes
$27 -

H M leather shoulder bag
£20 -

Miss Selfridge wooden bangle
$22 -

Miss Selfridge gold ball earrings
$9 -


  1. I love Spencers style! Also you found great alternatives for her clothes!

    Please check out my blog:)

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  2. Cute Blog..... but the top Troian is wearing is from Cotton On... Why do i know this... i have the same one. :)

    Not to be mean..... :)

    1. The outfit I made was not the same exact thing as what she is wearing in the picture. This is an inspired outfit meaning I used less expensive items that looked like her outfit. Thanks for the comment :)

    2. I think the inspired outfit is awesome!!

      I think this comment is hilarious. It is obvious this is an inspired outfit, not the actual one (if Anon. couldn't be bothered reading the blog itself, it even says so in the title!!) And they are also incorrect when they say it is from Cotton On (even though it is very similar, who would believe that they would get a top from an Australian store..). It is BCBGeneration (as seen here ).

      You were very kind in your response, Styleocity (I would not have bothered to explain myself again!!!)

    3. Thank you Tiff, I appreciate it! :)


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