Dressy but Casual Outfit

This outfit is very dressy but very casual. So I guess it's dressy casual. The Braided Chain Top (1) is from Forever 21 and it is a blue top sort of like a tank top. It has a little right pocket and braided detailing on the top. The cardigan (2) can be worn if it is cold or a little chilly outside and it is also from Forever 21. It is just a simple striped grey and blue cardigan. The skirt (3) is a woven navy skirt with a black waistband. These shoes (4) are from Forever 21 and they are grey braided flat sandals. Now on to the accessories. The necklace (5) is from Forever 21 and it's just a hoop draped necklace, the earrings (6) are just simple drop earrings with a lot of rhinestones, and finally the ring (7) is an Encrusted Mound Ring that ties the whole outfit together. Hope you all liked it! Comment and Follow!


(1) Braided Chain Top $14.80
(2) Stripped Cardigan $12.80
(3) Woven Skirt $19.80
(4) Braided Sandals $7.50
(5) Hoop Necklace $7.80