Floral Outfit

This outfit is all about FLORAL PRINTS! Floral prints are very in and they are so cute. The top (1) is from Forever 21 and it is a woven tunic (sleeveless) with red, blue, purple flowers. The top goes well with light washed skinny jeans and these (2) are from Forever 21. The shoes I think should be a bold red and these Slingback flats (3) are perfect. They are from Payless. For the accessories I suggest an orange/red flower ring (4) from Forever 21. You can add any black bag you want with this outfit, I chose this black bag (5) from Old Navy. It is faux-leather and I think it just ties the whole look together. I hope you liked this look. Comment and tell me what you think.
(1) Floral Tunic $19.80
(2) Light Washed Jeans $27.80
(3) Slingback Red Flats $17.99
(4) Orange Flower Ring $4.80
(5) Faux-Leather Bag $24.50