Casual Outfit

Hey everyone, this outfit is perfect for those day were you want to wear something very casual. Everything here is from Forever 21. This top (1) is a Woven Prairie Top, it has ruffles around the neckline, sleeves, and lace panels. These denim shorts (2) are so cute. Any denim shorts medium washed are perfect for this outfit. For shoes, I chose these black Marry Sandals (3) which are perfect for summer. This black Drawstring Tote (4) is so cute. You can wear it with the long strap or not, your choice. Now on to accessories! These are just some silver textured earrings (5) , and finally this textured bangle set is so pretty and its perfect for this outfit. I hope you liked this outfit. More to come so please Follow!


(1) Woven Prairie Top $24.80
(2) Denim Shorts $19.90
(3) Marry Sandals $18.80
(4) Drawstring Tote $26.80
(5) Textured Leaf Earrings $3.80 
(6) Textured Mix Bangles $4.80