Trendy Topic: Floral Dresses and Tops

Floral is really in this year here are some cute floral print Dresses and a Romper (top row) and some Tops (bottom row). Floral Tops can be paired with light washed jeans and shorts maybe even a solid colored dress. A floral dress can be paired with very cute gladiator sandals or just regular sandals. In the next blog post I will show you some Floral shorts and skirts! Hope you enjoy this Trendy Topic and please follow!


(1) Floral Field Woven Dress $19.80
(2) Floral Stretch Dress $27.80
(3) Floral Artwork Dress $19.80
(4) Woven Floral Romper $12.80  
(5) Floral Knit Top $12.80
(6) Floral Woven Top $19.80
(7) Colorful Posies Chiffon Top $14.80
(8) Sublimated Cropped Top $19.80