Trendy Topic: Floral Skirts and Shorts

Hey everyone, these here are some Floral Skirts and Shorts that are really in this year. They are all from Forever 21. The skirts are very cute and they can be worn tucked in a plain tank top or any shirt. You can also pair a cardigan on top if you want. Now on to the shorts. These shorts really look like skirts but they are not. These can also be worn tucked in a plain tank top or any shirt. As you can tell on almost all the pictures they paired either the skirts or shorts with gladiator sandals or just regular sandals. I hope you like this Trendy Topic! More to come so please follow!


(1) Romantic Rose Skirt $14.80
(2) Rosy Pleats Skirt $17.80
(3) Blurred Floral Skirt $19.80
(4) Floral Paisley Trim Skirt $12.90
(5) Floral Dotted Shorts $16.90
(6) Floral Flounce Shorts $17.80
(7) Floral Woven Shorts $14.80
(ALL UNDER $20!!)