Trendy Topic: Plaid Shirts

Hey everyone, so this Trendy Topic is Plaid Shirts. Plaid shirts have been in style in like forever but I think this fall they are really in. They come in all different color which means they will look great with anything. Whether you want to pair a Plaid shirt with a pair of short or long jeans, it will look so cute. All of these Plaid shirts are from Forever 21 and they are all under $20! As seen in the pictures some models have the arms rolled up, and that looks great. Also if you want to pair a one color Cami underneath and leave the Plaid shirt unbuttoned, thats fine. Plaid shirt are a must for this fall so check them out. I hope you liked this Trendy Topic, till next time bye!


(1) Brushed Plaid Shirt $19.90
(2) Plaid Crinkled Cotton Shirt $19.90
(3) Flannel Brushed Shirt $19.90
(4) Plaid Woven Shirt $19.90
(5) Plaid Woven Shirt $19.90
(6) Fall Plaid Shirt $19.90 


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