Ask Styleocity #2

REMEMBER: I will randomly choose random questions from either Styleocity's FormspringTwitter,or Facebook Page. (BTW: They don't have to be fashion related!)
Questions from Formspring:
1. Favorite Shoes?
Flates; I love Payless's Shoes; but I can't pick a specific pair.

2. What is the current trend that you love and hate?
Love: tights/leggings, pea coats, leather jackets, scarves
Hate: hoop earrings, lace, knee high boots

3. Hi, I like your blog :) Do u know any ways I can wear gray/blue/green jeans? Because I just bought some and I have no idea. I  wear almost anything, but converse
Thanks :D All of those colors would go great with a simple top with a leather jacket. The green jeans would also look great with a khaki jacket. Choose something simple because you don't want to over power the outfit with a lot of color. And for shoes you could go with the simple flats, or moccasins. Hope this helped :D

4. How can I dress like Aria from Pretty Little Liars?
ohh perfect I made a blogpost about that :D hope this helped :D

5. What's your favorite city?
New York :D