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Faux Fur.
From the Runway to your closet, Faux Fur has been rediscovered and more and more people have a Faux Fur piece. I think that this is such a great piece to add to a outfit that need a little spice. 
Miso Luxe Fur Cropped Jacket
30 GBP -
Fur jackets »

Charlotte Fur Vest
$50 -
Fur vests »

Faux Fur Coat
$49 -
Forever21 coats »

Faux Fur Cropped Blazer
$45 -
Striped blazers »

25 GBP -

Tell me if you have any Faux Fur pieces.
What is your opinion it?



  1. I am digging the faux fur trend this winter, whether it be a coat or a vest I think it's totally chic and WARM! unfortunately I don't own anything yet :( soon hopefully! you have a great blog check out mine? :)


  2. followed ur blog via bloglovin :D


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