Wardrobe Staples: Dark Washed Jeans

Wardrobe Staple: Dark Washed Jeans

Hello STYLE lovers,
So I am starting a new series called Wardrobe Staples. The name explains it all; basically I will show you the basics that everyone should have in their closet. The first Wardrobe Staple is a nice pair DARK WASHED JEANS. All year round Dark Washed Jeans are the perfect jeans to complete any outfit. I usually get my jeans at Old Navy and American Eagle, because they have such a broad selection.  I have done some outfits with Dark Washed Jeans, so if you need any ideas on how to style them CLICK HERE. Thanks so much for reading, and dont forget to comment. 


  1. Loved this post specially the pics of how to style!! amazing.


  2. I think its a great thing you came up with! Can't wait to see more!
    P.S. Great pic you have, looks like one from style magazines :)


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