How To: Wear Flare Jeans

Someone on my Formsping asked me if I would make an outfit with Flare Jeans and Heels. I thought it was a interesting combination so I asked people on Polyvore what they thought, and lots of them said that Flare Jeans would go well with Open-Toe Wedge Shoes. When I thought about it, they actually do, so I made this outfit to show you guys how well they go together! I think that this year Flare Jeans are going to be more popular than Skinny Jeans, what do you think about that?
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How To: Wear Flare Jeans
Banana Republic striped top
$45 -

Dorothy Perkins flare jeans
15 GBP -

Platform wedge heels
$100 -

Carolee jewelry
$30 -

Wet Seal wood jewelry
$27 -


  1. OMG! This is amazing!!!I have so many flares from past seasons and I haven't worn most of them. Haha gonna start shopping in my own closet now! Thanks so much:)

  2. Thanks, I have so many flare jeans too, i love that idea of shopping in your own closet! thank you for commenting :D


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