Beauty Tip: Tissue Paper as Oil Blotting Sheets

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing SheetsI know many girls and guys have oily skin. I have seen these Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets at several drugstores and one time I bought them to help get ride of the shine. They worked pretty well but for me one sheet wasn't enough, I would use two or three to completely wipe my face and to get rid of all the oil. The pack came with 50 and it cost $5.99. More than a dime per sheet! Now, I know that to some that may not sound a lot but for me personally it wasn't worth it. So I googled and googled and found out that gift tissue paper works just as well as the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. Almost everyone has tissue paper in their house, and I found some at the Dollar Tree for $1.00. You get 100 20X20 sheets of tissue paper for $1.00! When I got the tissue paper all I did was cut 4x4 inch squares, and then I put them in a little plastic box to carry in my purse.  

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  1. Great post..I been using them for years them



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