Style by: Lauren Conrad

Today, one of my very close friends, who is really into fashion and beauty, showed me this book. I was drawn by cover because it had Lauren Conrad, which I admire so much from The Hills and her fashion career, so I had to look through it. From page 1 to the end it was spectacular! I love the personal touches here and there and the fashionable pieces she and her team put together. I called it the "Style Encyclopedia." I immediately wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles and buy it but then I though why not search it online and see if there is an online copy of the book. The first thing that came up was this WEBSITE! It doesn't give you the full book but it does give you half.

Because I love this book so much I will do chapter by chapter reviews and thoughts. Having part of it available online will give everyone an opportunity to follow along!

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Here is a "Behind the Scenes" video I found: