Summer to Fall Outfit

Hello, I apologize for not posting anything for more than a month! My excuse is that I wanted to enjoy my summer, because school is going to start soon. I hope this outfit makes up for my long absence. 
I'm sure we all want to recycle some of our summer clothes into fall. In this outfit I wanted to incorporate different summer and fall trends. For example the floral bag, and the crochet shoes. 
If you want to learn more about how to wear a summer outfit in the fall check out these two wonderful bloggers.
Many people are scared to mix trends and colors, because they haven't seen anyone else do it. I say, fashion is anything and everything you want it to be. If you want to mix and match more power to ya. I hope you like this outfit, and please comment for any suggestions or questions. Until next time.
Summer to Fall

Dorothy Perkins ruched blouse
£30 -

Dorothy Perkins cotton shorts
£25 -

Dorothy Perkins velvet shoes
£10 -

Dorothy Perkins tan bag
£15 -

Dorothy Perkins chain bracelet
£10 -


  1. I like this. I typically don't do floral but I think in this case the bag makes the outfit.

  2. @Kholá Yeah same here, when floral first came out I was like WHAT!!!!! But seeing it in almost every fashion magazine and blog, I have come to like it. I love adding just a touch of floral to my outfits. Thanks for the comment :)


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