Blake Lively Inspired Outfit

Since Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows I thought I'd do an outfit featuring Blake Lively. In this picture she is on the set of Gossip Girl and I think the outfit is so cute. What catches your eye first is that Red Sequin Sweater! I tried to find a similar sequin sweater to use for this outfit, but I couldn't. The actual sweater costs $303! I thought I would skip on the sequins and just use a top with red and black. I know that she does not have a handbag in this picture, but I thought I'd add one to make the outfit complete. The boots look almost identical to the ones Blake has on, and I love how the leather jacket looks with the sequin sweater. 
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Blake Lively Inspired Outfit

Stripe t shirt
£15 -

H M short jacket
£30 -

Skinny leg jeans
$20 -

Zip boots
£30 -

$50 -


  1. Blake Lively is always an inspiration!



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