Back to School from Winter Break Outfit

Hello everyone, now I know many of you have started school, and this outfit was supposed to go up on Monday (that's when my school started) but I was really busy trying to get my stuff ready for school so I didn't have time to put it up. Sorry! 
Anyways, my favorite part of this outfit is of course the sweater. I now own a few large sweaters with patterns and I love to wear them because they match just about anything. The black jeans are basic as well as the long sleeve V-neck top. I completed this outfit with a great pair of moccasins, a brown leather messenger bag, and some simple stud earrings. I hope you all like this outfit, and don't forget to comment on what you wore or what you would wear for the day back from Winter Break.
Back to School from Winter Break Outfit

Oversized top
£18 -

Old navy sweater

Mango denim skinny jeans
€35 -

Minnetonka flat heel shoes
$45 -

Studded bag
£10 -

Carolee gold jewelry
$28 -