My December 2011 Favorites

My December 2011 Favorites

 It's January 2012, which means it's time for my December 2011 Favorites! This month has been great because I have had time to relax instead for worrying about tests or projects.  If you want to fill out your own December 2011 Favorites, I made a template on Polyvore. Hopefully your December was great also, and here are my favorites.

December 2011 favorites:
Fashion Trend: Looking through Polyvore, Magazines, and Blogs I have seen these dresses a lot. I think they would look so cute with tights and a quilted handbag.
Clothing Item(s): My sister got me a Faux Leather Jacket for my birthday, and I love it. I wear it on the days where it is not that cold outside, and it looks great with everything.
Accessory: Beanie, or Beret: During the winter time my hair gets dry and unmanageable so putting this on helps out a ton.
Makeup Item: Winter is the season of chapped lips. Before finding the EOS lip balms, I used to use Carmax which gave me moisturized lips, but I didn't like the smell.  The EOS lip balms provide moisture to my lips and they smell so good!
Movie: "We Bought a Zoo": Great movie, very inspiring!
Song: "2012 (It Ain't the End) by Jean Sean ft. Nicki Minaj" What better song to be your favorite this December?
Food: When I was little I never really liked carrots and the only way I would eat them was with Ranch. Now I love eating carrots as a quick snack before dinner.
Blogger: I have really enjoyed reading Kendi Everyday, her sense of style is amazing and her personality shines through her posts.
Random: I am on the hunt for a quilted bag, hopefully the next time I go to the Mall I will be able to find one.

Black dress
$37 -

Leather jacket
$28 -

Dorothy Perkins black clutch
$35 -

Dorothy Perkins knit slouchy beanie
$9 -