Winter Work Outfit

Hello everyone, this post is the first outfit post of 2012! I decided to make it a Work Outfit that is appropriate for the winter, and I think it turned out great. The white shirt and pencil skirt are very basic essentials that are easy to find in most stores and they are some what affordable. Once you have the basic essentials, then start layering them with a jacket or cardigan and add different accessories such as jewelry or a scarf to make the outfit your own. I love how the tights are navy instead of black, and those shoes are perfect because most people find that wedges are easier to walk in then regular heels. I hope you all like this outfit and don't forget to comment on what you would wear to work.
Winter Work Outfit

Only Limitless chunky cardigan
£30 -

Pencil skirt
£18 -

Tall stocking
$15 -

Round toe wedge
£20 -

$50 -

Kit Heath sterling silver earrings
£9 -