June 2012 Favorites

June 2012 Favorites
 Hey everyone, it's already July which mean it's time for my June 2012 Favorites. This month has gone by so fast but it was a good month. I really like the items I included in this month's favorites because they are things that may look familiar from my previous posts. I really hope you all like my June Favorites and please don't forget to tell me in the comments your favorites.

Clothing Item: High Waist Shorts; A lot of people at my school started to wear these shorts and I thought to myself, why? I didn't like them at first but now they look nice, paired with the right things though. The last outfit I posted, I included high waist shorts and I liked how they looked.

Trend: Stripes; I love wearing stripes and this summer stripes are going to be big. Wearing stripes gives people an illusion of a smaller waist or even looking taller.

Accessory: Floral Flats; I have talked about floral flats a lot on my blog and I think it is no surprise that I put them in this month's favorites.

 Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman; I love this movie a lot because it was not like the  Disney "Show White" version. I thought it was more suspenseful and romantic. Also, the actors/actresses did a really good job in this movie.

Song: "Payphone" by Maroon 5; This song has been stuck in my head this whole month because it is so catchy. I love all of Maroon 5's songs but this one is as of now my favorite.
Makeup Item: Rimmel London Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Mascara ; This mascara is so great because it give you volume and length which is rare to find in a mascara these days.

Food: Frozen Yogurt; Where I live there is a cute little ice cream shop and I love their frozen yogurt. I could eat it all day and everyday!

Blogger: Young Sweet and Sunny; I love reading her blog because it is so fun and helpful. Her outfit's are so cute and her personality is amazing!

Random: Summer 2012 Olympics; I am so excited for the Olympics because it only comes every 4 years so my family goes all out. Every time I watch an event, I think to myself, these athletes prepared their whole life for this moment and it's finally here. I really wish I could have gone to London but instead I'll be watching it at home through a TV screen. Anyway, Go Team USA!
Striped tank
18 CAD - eluxe.ca
Mango denim shorts
£25 - mango.com
Aldo shoes
$20 - aldoshoes.com


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