Back to School from Winter Break Outfit #2

Back to School from Winter Break Outfit #2

Hello everyone, last year in January I did an outfit for the first day back to school from winter break so I thought why not do one this year. For this outfit I incorporated something that I have been recently obsessed with; studs. I love when sweaters or jackets have studs on the shoulder, I think it add a nice twist. My favorite part of this outfit would have to be the shoes because they are something that you could wear with just about anything. I finished the outfit off with simple accessories like the stud earrings and the long necklace. The makeup is very appropriate for school with just mascara, eyeliner and my favorite a red Revlon Lip Butter.  
I really hope you all like this outfit and if you have any questions or comments then please leave them down below. Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day!


Long sleeve top
32 CAD -

Fake leather jacket
34 CAD -

Dorothy Perkins indigo jeans
27 CAD -

Ballerina flat shoes
24 CAD -

Dorothy Perkins square earrings
8.86 CAD -

Gathering Eye collar jewelry
15 CAD -

6.88 CAD -

Urban Decay waterproof eyeliner
19 CAD -

Revlon beauty product
10 CAD -


  1. I might just wear this look for my first day back at school :)

  2. I share your love for studs, especially on those great slipper style shoes I bet they'd be really comfy as well!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Your blog is so cute!

  3. This looks an amazing happy bang on trend girl :) xx


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