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  1. i have a dance coming up and want to look like hanna marin for it, do you have any outfit ideas that are affordable?

    1. Hello, I love Hanna Marin's style on PLL because it is so girly and bright. When deciding on what to wear for the dance try to incorporate Hanna's style as well as your own. This will make you outfit stand out and make you feel more confident.
      Here are some items that I have seen her wear on the show and on the red carpet. Hanna really likes wearing strapless colorful dress with high heels, bright floral patterns or silk, and statement jewelery (rings, earrings, and necklaces). I hope this helped and I will be sure to do some Hanna Marin inspired dressy outfits in the future!
      Thanks for asking, and have fun at the dance. ~Styleocity


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