My November 2011 Favorites

My November 2011 Favorites Here are my November 2011 favorites:
Fashion Trend: Fall Colors; I loved wearing fall colors this November because they are very warm and wearable colors, that go with just about anything.
Clothing Item(s): Thick Cardigans; I wear cardigans year round, and this one is perfect for the time of year where it is starting to get cold.
Accessory: Scarves; I have started to wear scarves because they can spice up a plain outfit and they keep me warm.
Makeup Item: Neutral Eyeshadows; Usually I wear mascara and just a little eyeshadow, but now I have been experimenting with different neutral eyeshadows and I am in love! This palette is from Forever 21, the shadows are very pigmented and it is very inexpensive.
Movie: Bridesmaids; Before watching this movie I felt like I was the only one in the world that hadn't seen it. When I saw it I couldn't stop laughing and I loved the whole plot. 
Song: Rolling in the Deep by Adele; I think I have listened to this song like 1,000 times, it has a catchy melody and great lyrics. 
Food: Apples; My favorite fruit is an apple, and I have been really good about eating one everyday. I always take them too school and they make me feel like I am eating a dessert because of the sweetness. 
Blogger: Alles Mode; I have mentioned them in a post called "Summer to Fall Outfit" and they have many creative and fun outfits. I also love reading their Web Wednesdays and tweets. 
Random: Interior Design; This month, I think I have rearranged my bedroom like 10 times. I love adding different colors according to what season it is season, so my bedroom currently has a lot of browns and oranges. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading my November 2011 Favorites, and I would love to know what your favorites were for this month in the comments below. 
Have a great day! 

Product Information:

H m cardigan
£15 -

Becksöndergaard scarve
€25 -

Ombre Eyeshadow Palette
$5.80 -